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Customer Experience

As your partner in mobility, our promise to you is to provide exceptional service throughout your journey with Numotion. We pledge to focus on doing things right the first time, to be accountable and to work together as a team while we maintain a high level of integrity.

Whether we exceeded your expectations, or we missed the mark, we want to hear about your experience. Your feedback is vital to helping us ensure we are providing the excellent care you deserve.

To share your experiences with us, visit our customer survey website at NumotionListens.com, or contact us via email. If you have an immediate concern, please call our National Customer Care Center at 800.500.9150.



A big shout-out from a very happy customer (and Mommy) for being so AWESOME. It is a pleasure to work with you and we are grateful we found you and that you are assisting with making sure our beautiful son has the equipment he needs to be independent.

Pam K., GA

Recently I have had several contacts with your customer service and repair staff. I am 70 and spent 30 years in customer service, so I know a little about it. The latest episode is just another example of people who can and will get it done. At about 3:15 p.m. my chair died in the King Super lot. I can't walk so I hitch-hiked my way home about 8 blocks away. I had to abandon my chair where it sat. I was terrified it would be stolen and leave me without transportation. I called your office and the girl in customer service took charge and action at once. In less than 10 minutes she called me back to advise me a mechanic was on his way. Shortly thereafter he called me for directions to my chair. He located it, brought it back to me, and advised me of the problem. I have never in all my years experienced a more professional, caring and committed group of people. There's no amount of money can buy what those folks did for me.

Sheri R., GA

Before we had this company, the first few years of ordering my sons equipment from other places was a nightmare. It never worked for him and he was always uncomfortable. Since being with Numotion, our lives have literally improved beyond words. They were so great knowing my sons needs and tailoring equipment to work best for him. In addition to their knowledge and skills in handling special needs children's equipment, they do so with such kindness. They know my son, thry are gentle and great with him. I would never go to a different company again. These people have our business forever.

Cheyenne A., TN

Kyle (Waco) handled our order from start to finish and was a pleasure to work with. He is professional, caring, compassionate and very knowledgable. He had extensive and detailed information about the product and let us know in detail about all of our options. Our entire family is grateful for his expertise and attention to detail.

Christi C., TX

We've been working with Kari for many years and consider her the most knowledgable salesperson we've ever encountered. We worked with her recently to place the order for my son's new wheelchair and as always we were as pleased as ever. My son has some unique abilities to do damage to a chair, but she knew exactly how to design his chair to fit him and minimize stress on parts. She not only knows the product line well, but most importantly she understands my son and how he uses his chair. Thank you.

Ellen T., DE

Iggy came to our home, he was really respectful. We really love the compassionate way he treats each member of our household. His knowledge for the equipment is unbelievable! He made sure we knew how to operate the equipment, and the safety precautions during usage. He also let us know how to contact the company if we did have any questions/concerns.

Ieisha H., IN

Our technician, Javier, was fabulous. He explained everything we needed to know at his first visit to the house when he put the repair order in. He called on his way to our home and was very punctual. He answered all of our questions and took the time we needed. On his second visit, he made sure we were comfortable with the repairs and checked my son's wheelchair for any additional service it might need."

Karin A., IL

I am a quadriplegic but am still able to work as a teacher. Recently my wheelchair completely died twice with two different issues. The first time the control panel died and the second time the motor died. With inservice training (the first break down) and then the start of school (the second break down), your technician Jackson came in to save the day. I was overwhelmed with the fear that miss work, but he put my fears at ease. He assured me that he would do everything he could to get me up and running again, AND HE DID. I know that it also took the team work in the office to get the parts and logistics taken care of as well.

Trena, TN

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