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We focus on providing cost effective, appropriate mobility solutions to persons with disabilities. Our care-centered approach involves the right people, a passion to make lives better, the best technology and the most attentive and efficient process.

We have an over 95% first time customer satisfaction record rating that reflects a level of quality and thoroughness unequalled in our industry.


Increased Member Satisfaction

From initial intake through delivery, we keep all parties involved and informed. We survey our customers for satisfaction and outcome, and provide an easily accessible complaint resolution process to document their satisfaction with our service. We also document the outcomes they have achieved with their mobility solutions. The complaint resolution process is available to our customers by calling our National Customer Care Center 800.500.9150. Our goal is first time quality, because we know that doing it right the first time results in satisfied customers.

Improved Member Compliance

The best outcomes can only be achieved with a proper evaluation that includes not only a customer's physical needs, but their social and environmental needs. Our certified Assistive Technology Professionals (ATPs) select the appropriate products and ensure they meet the customer's expectations. We provide the most suitable, cost-effective mobility solution to your members. We spend the time necessary to train and educate each client and document those results.

Reduced Liabilities

Our ATPs are product application experts uniquely qualified to manage and reduce the cost and liability associated with member rehospitalization due to pressure sores or other issues that arise from improperly fitted mobility systems. We believe that improvement and education are fundamental to the success of our customers and we provide continuous education to our staff, and outside CEU education to clinicians and case managers.

Professional Support

Numotion provides written clinical documentation whenever required to support the provision of complex wheelchair and seating systems. Our staff clinicians are available to answer questions you have regarding medical justification.

With questions contact Numotion Contracting at 888.988.3632.

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