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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to all my loyal Numotion blog readers! I wish all of you a safe and happy holiday season.

I am currently snowed in here in Connecticut and wanted to take some time to catch everyone up on the many adventures of the Ryan Martin Foundation.

Most recently, I was invited to be a keynote speaker at the National Telecommuting Institute’s (NTI) “31 Nights of Lights” celebration at the Prudential Center along with Paralympic swimming silver-medalist, Sophia Herzog. NTI is an organization that supports individuals with disabilities and their efforts to get back into the workplace, and helps provide jobs to people with disabilities across the U.S. The “31 Nights of Lights” event is a month long celebration that recognizes important non-profits in the Massachusetts community and gives them a chance to get exposure at a mainstream level. If you’re an individual with a disability looking to get back into the workplace, visit NTI’s website at

I also greatly enjoyed spending time in Boston, and playing tourist in such a beautiful city. A special thank you goes out to the Boston Celtics for game tickets and the chance to enjoy a great NBA event!

I highly recommend to anyone visting the Boston area to go to the top of the Prudential building. The view rivals those I have seen in other great cities I have visited including, New York, Paris, and Madrid. 

As a huge advocate for the Paralympic Sports movement I wanted to pass along one of the most interesting videos I’ve seen. It showcases the power of the Paralympic Sports! Check out the commercial below from Redefine Ability. 

Redefine Ability - Inclusive [English] from Mantis Films on Vimeo.

Ryan Martin Foundation Update: We will be having our 2nd annual Ryan Martin Foundation Basketball Jamboree hosted at the Hospital for Special Care in New Britain, CT. This event will host 35 athletes from all around New England for a one-day basketball tournament! Special thank you to our friends at Numotion for helping organize this event. 

I’m very excited for the start of the NWBA season with the New York Rolling Knicks, as we will start our season with trips to Alabama and Toronto for tournaments in January!

Happy Holidays and once again, thank you all for reading and providing feedback on all of my blogs!


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