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Manual Wheelchairs

Manual Wheelchairs

At Numotion we want to improve the lives of people who count on us. We are highly committed to providing the most appropriate product solutions to fit your active lifestyle and unique needs.


Manual wheelchairs are wheelchairs that do not include a power source and are self or caregiver propelled. Our wheelchair specialists will meet with you to identify exactly what frame and accessories will provide the best fit and the right combination of seating and positioning options for you. A wide variety of options are available on manual wheelchairs to assist with support, pressure relief and enhanced self-propulsion. Our goal is to help you maintain your lifestyle.

Standard Mobility

Manual wheelchairs come in a variety of designs. A basic manual wheelchair may be appropriate if you have difficulty walking and need assistance getting from room to room in your home or accessing your community for things like shopping and appointments. If you have difficulty self-propelling a basic wheelchair there are options for lower height and lighter weight frames. Extra-wide and heavy duty manual wheelchairs are also available and seat and back cushions can be added.

Custom Mobility

We specialize in working with you and your therapist to find the right solution if your needs are more complex. For example, if you have a very active lifetstyle you will need additional seating and positioning support, and we can provide ultra-lightweight wheelchairs with folding or rigid frames. We also provide manual tilt-in-space wheelchairs for those who need more assistance with positioning and skin protection. All of these types of wheelchairs can be highly customized.


For the wheelchair athlete we can provide sports chairs configured for a wide variety of activities including basketball, soccer, tennis, racing and more.


At Numotion, an ATP is involved in the evaluation process for all lightweight and custom manual wheelchairs. Our Assistive Technology Professionals (ATPs) provide Complex Rehab Technology seating evaluations for people with significant postural or mobility defects. Many insurance companies require that a RESNA (Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America) certified ATP work with a customer and their clinician to qualify for coverage. At Numotion, all of our ATPs are RESNA certified and are trained and educated to select the most suitable product for each customer. During evaluations ATPs consider a customer’s immediate and anticipated medical and functional needs, including activities of daily living, functional mobility, positioning and pressure relief.

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