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SoftWheel In-wheel Suspension


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The most innovative wheel technology for manual wheelchairs has arrived at Numotion™. The SoftWheel by Numotion in-wheel suspension technology is a game-changer. It absorbs shocks and vibrations, while providing extraordinary rigidity and stability.

This innovative wheel helps reduce pain and fatigue, and increases comfort for manual wheelchair users.

The Technology

In-wheel Suspension™ shocks remain perfectly rigid over flat terrain. But they offer unparalleled cushioning on bumpy pavement or off-road. This absorbs the shocks that are normally felt by the user.

Adaptive Rigidity™ technology keeps the wheel’s three shocks perfectly rigid and strong. But they automatically compress to absorb shock when presented with obstacles. The technology makes the wheels do the work so the user has more energy.

Rapid-Shock Reset™ allows the shocks to engage quickly upon impact. This provides the user with easier chair control.


Acrobat M (Magnesium)

24”, 25”
Load Limit: 204 pounds
Weight: 3.5 pounds

Acrobat A (Aluminum)

24”, 25”
Load Limit: 287 pounds
Weight: 4.3 pounds

Acrobat R (Racing)

Load Limit: 287 pounds
Weight: 3.5 pounds


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