Numotion Remote Service Manager, Daniel Ray has been with Numotion since 2012. When approached by a Numotion ATP about a job, he had little knowledge of the business. After hearing about Numotion’s mission he was “sold” and said, “how can you turn down making a career out of helping people?”
During his eight years with Numotion, Daniel has had the opportunity to work in various roles as a service technician, seating technician, service coordinator, customer care coordinator, service manager, and operations manager all across the country.
As a result of his multifaceted background, Daniel was approached by Executive Director for Service & Repair, Mike Wilson, about his idea and project of remote service. Remote Service uses a safe and reliable phone app, which allows you to talk face to face with a service technician and diagnose many issues right over the phone.
Daniel has a passion for finding ways to improve service , “Remote service has been far more impactful than I ever imagined. Last year we helped almost 8,000 people immediately. No parts. Just, ‘Hey, let’s fix this right now over the phone.’ That would be 8,000 people that had to wait in the old industry model. I am so lucky to be a part of something that can literally help people in an instant.”

Daniel says he works with the best team at Numotion, “I’m so fortunate to work with the people I do. They all strive to be the best and are truly all in for our customers. They are constantly looking for ways to better serve our customers.”
A story that has left an impact on Daniel is one involving a young woman who was having an issue with her power standing wheelchair. “It was a Friday evening and I was wrapping up the day. A father called into one of our branches about his daughter’s power standing wheelchair. The standing feature wasn’t working. So we used the video and I was able to get the chair working again. And that night, his daughter was able to stand at her high school graduation and go across stage. Here I was, sitting at my kitchen table, and was able to help this young lady get to her graduation from over 1,000 miles away. I’ll never forget it. That’s when I knew we were on to something with remote service.”
In January, at our National Leadership Conference in Dallas, Texas, Daniel was awarded Numotion’s most prestigious leadership award, the Trickett Wendler award. This award is awarded to a leader who embodies positive and transformative leadership and whose influence helps Numotion to serve more customers more effectively. 
“Daniel has helped to shepherd an industry-changing capability into our organization with phenomenal change leadership and has proven to be the type of leader who will leave a legacy on our industry.  He is one who will take on all customer issues, no matter where the customer lives, what time of day it is, or what day of the week it is. He jumps in to help on customer issues after hours and over the weekends,” said Mike Swinford, Numotion CEO.