Hilary is a Medical Supply Account Manager for Numotion’s Medical Supply business. She began her career in the service industry, which ultimately led to medical billing where she worked specifically with denials. She would research and coordinate with the insurance payers to help members get their claims processed and approved.
Hilary started at Numotion in the fall of 2019. After working in medical billing, she developed a passion to get in the field and help patients on an individual level. “I have worked with Numotion in the past and knew they were also passionate about helping their customers lead independent lives and I knew wanted to be a part of the team,” said Hilary.
In 2015, Hilary sustained a spinal cord injury in a car accident. As a wheelchair user, Hilary understands how an individual's independence level can be determined by their bowel and bladder program. “As someone who lives with a disability I know first-hand how powerless an individual can feel post-injury and I really want to bring back the power of choice to them. Education and counseling on medical supplies can make all the difference,” said Hilary.
Hilary is very passionate about adaptive sports. “I play Wheelchair Tennis and recently competed in the Wheelchair US Open in St. Louis, MO. I am on the Parks and Rec board in Greenwood where I live and we are working currently to build an all-inclusive playground,” said Hilary. As an active person, she has learned how to be prepared for any situation in which she would need medical supplies.
Hilary is also Ms. Wheelchair America 2020. As Ms. Wheelchair America, she has had the opportunity to advocate for Adaptive Sports and has been able to encourage individuals she works with about different opportunities to get involved in their disability community. “It has been a great opportunity to speak with fellow athletes about their current medical supplies and how we can help make their experience easier,” said Hilary.
Only having been at Numotion for a short time, Hilary is pleased with her decision to join her team. “I cannot say enough amazing things about the team here in Kansas City. They work cohesively and are very successful. They have welcomed me with open arms and I am honored to work with so many people who are driven to enhance the lives of people living with disabilities,” said Hilary.
“The opportunity to speak with customers one-on-one and talk about what is working and what isn’t working in their world has been so eye-opening. I have learned so much from our customers and I get to share my personal experience with them when they have questions about transferring into a car or everyday life. I have been with Numotion for such a short time, but it has already been so rewarding,” said Hilary.