Lindsey and her Colorado Springs team work with a wide variety of customers. Nick, a loving dad and husband, was able to stand for the first time in 461 days when Lindsey delivered his Permobil F5 Stander. Five-year old Kiana’s life was completely changed when a Sunrise Medical Zippie ZM 310 gave her mobility and a way to exercise her thoughts and opinions. And thanks to a Special Tomato jogging stroller, four-year old Marley can comfortably attend festivals and go to parks without fear of injury during a seizure.
Lindsey has been a Numotion ATP for 10 years. When she graduated college 15 years ago she was working in a rehab hospital and looking to start something long-term. One day a Numotion ATP walked through the door, and by December she was beginning the journey to become an ATP.
Lindsey started working with pediatric customers five years ago and now 95% of her clients are under the age of 18.
“Kids are always happy,” said Lindsey. “They’re almost always smiling, and if they’re not, you can get them laughing. They don’t have the stress of the world on them yet. All they know is their life and that it is about to get a whole lot better.”
The Colorado Springs branch staff makes Lindsey’s day-to-day job possible. Her CCC, Hannah, makes magic happen when it comes to scheduling and taking calls. Lindsey loves that her branch works together to get equipment to customers.
“The branch is very close,” said Lindsey. “We’re a team and look out for each other. Everyone picks up work to help everyone else so we can achieve our mission and bring mobility to our community.”

Lindsey has also been on the ATP Ambassador Council for the past three years.

"It has been an honor to work alongside the other ATPs on the council," said Lindsey. "We work on projects and provide feedback from the field that improves our efficiency as a company and enables us to provide better service to our customers."
The best part of Lindsey’s job? Working face-to-face with people. She loves to see people’s faces during delivery or evaluations. She says their faces say it all – hope and joy for what the near or immediate future holds. Lindsey especially likes delivering beds to parents.
“Some parents can’t sleep at night because they’re scared for their kids,” explained Lindsey. “There is huge relief in knowing your child will be safe at night. Beds bring peace to the entire family.”