Alden North Shore offers short-term rehabilitation, transitional care, and post-acute services in Illinois. Numotion Team members from the Lombard branch have worked with residents of Alden North for approximately 10 years.

Like many others in Jan 2020, Alden North had to temporarily close their doors to outside visitors, including their Numotion Team, due to COVID-19. During this time, many of their patients went without service to their chairs or evaluations for new parts or chairs. A year later, in February 2021, Alden opened their doors for the first time and called their Numotion Team. Alden had 15 Numotion customers who needed service. Initially, the customer appointments were spread out over the span of several months. Service Manager, Antonio Leon, had a different idea on how best to serve these customers after time away due to COVID, “Since it had been such a long time since we had seen many of these customers, I wanted to get my team in there as soon as possible. We decided we would send a few of our technicians to do one whole day of evaluations to optimize the time we have,” said Antonio.
Numotion Service Technicians, Javier Hermosillo, Christopher Irvine, and Kadeem Singleton completed thirty-five evaluations during the day at Alden. Twenty-one days later, they returned and installed twenty-seven of those orders. On the same day of installation, fifteen new orders were taken.

"Our size and ability to scale allowed us to even contemplate doing a service day like this," said Chris Simms, Regional Vice President. "The dedication and passion our service team has for our customers allowed us to execute on it. I could not be more proud."

The success of this day has inspired other branches to conduct similar, all-day service events for the larger facilities they serve.