The world of mobility can be complicated. And, if you’re new to a wheelchair, or even a seasoned pro, you’re faced with many unknowns. The Numotion Employee Consumer Council (ECC) is a group of 13 member-employees who provide insight and feedback from the customer perspective to departments inside Numotion with the goal of improving the Numotion customer experience. The Council has created a collection of helpful advice called PRO TIPS. Each set of tips is based on first hand, real-life experiences council members encountered throughout their more than 170 combined years as wheelchair users. PRO TIPS covers a wide variety of topics from practical, daily events like how to tackle laundry and cooking to travel, health, advocacy and more.
Grocery Shopping in a Wheelchair
Grocery Shopping in a Wheelchair During COVID-19
Doing Laundry in a Wheelchair
Cooking in the Kitchen in a Wheelchair
Opening & Closing Doors in You Home in a Power Wheelchair
Using Smart Technology in Your Home
Using Medical Supplies as a Female
Bladder Control
Using a Female Catheter
Pressure Relief
Toileting Necessities for Your Medical Supply Bag
Traveling with Medical Supplies
Booking a Hotel Room
Enjoying the Outdoors in a Wheelchair
Flying with a Power Wheelchair
Effective Advocacy
Selecting the Right Mobility Equipment for Your Child
New PRO TIPS are being added frequently. Visit the Numotion blog for the latest updates. Have a PRO TIP suggestion? Drop us a line at to share your ideas.