We know your mobility and independence are critical to you. For those of you with open orders, please know that we continue to do everything we can in working with our suppliers to ensure timely delivery of your mobility equipment or parts needed for a repair. We may occasionally need to adjust a previously communicated delivery date as component delays continue. Thank you for using Numotion and for your patience as we all work through these highly challenging global supply chain issues. 

Numotion's COVID-19 
Response: What you Need to Know

The world of mobility can be complicated. And, if you’re new to a wheelchair, or even a seasoned pro, you’re faced with many unknowns. The Numotion Employee Consumer Council (ECC) is a group of 13 member-employees who provide insight and feedback from the customer perspective to departments inside Numotion with the goal of improving the Numotion customer experience. The Council has created a collection of helpful advice called PRO TIPS. Each set of tips is based on first hand, real-life experiences council members encountered throughout their more than 170 combined years as wheelchair users. PRO TIPS covers a wide variety of topics from practical, daily events like how to tackle laundry and cooking to travel, health, advocacy and more.
Grocery Shopping in a Wheelchair
Grocery Shopping in a Wheelchair During COVID-19
Doing Laundry in a Wheelchair
Cooking in the Kitchen in a Wheelchair
Opening & Closing Doors in You Home in a Power Wheelchair
Using Smart Technology in Your Home
Using Medical Supplies as a Female
Bladder Control
Using a Female Catheter
Pressure Relief
Toileting Necessities for Your Medical Supply Bag
Traveling with Medical Supplies
Booking a Hotel Room
Enjoying the Outdoors in a Wheelchair
Flying with a Power Wheelchair
Effective Advocacy
Selecting the Right Mobility Equipment for Your Child
New PRO TIPS are being added frequently. Visit the Numotion blog for the latest updates. Have a PRO TIP suggestion? Drop us a line at Numotion_Communications@Numotion.com to share your ideas.