Numotion teamed up with the local Go Baby Go! chapter in Laurel, MS to bring mobility to young children. Watch the video here.

"There is no commercially available motorized wheelchair for children two years old or younger," said Sam Logan, an assistant professor at Oregon State University, in a recent article for WDAM. "By modifying these off the shelf ride on cars, for about $200, we can fill that gap with the mobility technology."

Logan travels around the country to help therapists and other organizations modify cars. While the models are the same as what is sold at stores, small changes are made to make the cars easier and safer for children with a wide-range of conditions.  

GoBabyGO! made its way to Laurel through the help of Numotion, a wheelchair and mobility equipment company, and Optimal Performance Physical Therapy, where therapists spent the day adding buttons to the steering wheels for activation, instead of foot pedals and building support around the seats for the toddlers.

"That improves their ability to socialize with their peers and interact with them," said Karen Roy with Numotion. "You learn differently when you’re mobile versus being stuck in one spot."

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