Brentwood, Tenn. - SoftWheel by Numotion, an innovative in-wheel suspension technology for manual wheelchair users, is now available for purchase in the United States at the Numotion online Innovative Lifestlye Product catalog. Numotion is the exclusive U.S. distributor of SoftWheel by Numotion. The online store marks Numotion’s first foray into online e-commerce and seeks to expand its lifestyle offerings to people with disabilities.

“Our customers are seeking the latest technologies to address their mobility needs,” said Mike Swinford, CEO, Numotion. “The Numotion online catalog allows us to expand our product offering to address more specific lifestyle needs, such as the benefits offered by SoftWheel by Numotion.”

Research shows wheelchair users are routinely exposed to levels of vibration and impact forces that exceed ISO standards for industrial occupations. SoftWheel by Numotion is an in-wheel suspension technology that efficiently absorbs impact shocks and vibrations, while providing extraordinary rigidity and stability. This results in minimized pain and fatigue often endured with daily wheelchair use.

“We are excited to partner with Numotion to bring our reinvented SoftWheel technology to the thousands of people with disabilities in America using manual wheelchairs everyday,” said Daniel Barel, CEO, SoftWheel. “By providing a smoother ride, with more comfort and less pain, SoftWheel by Numotion can really change a user’s life.”

The Numotion online catalog is expected to expand over the coming year with additional lifestyle products. Products will focus on enhancing the lives of customers seeking to improve their mobility experience.

Numotion is the nation’s premier mobility equipment and services provider for people with disabilities, specifically for those who need Complex Rehab Technology (CRT). With locations in nearly every state, Numotion serves 250,000 customers annually with the technical and clinical expertise needed to assist in helping people with disabilities become active and independent members of their community.