Urgent action is needed to reverse unexpected payment cuts by Illinois Medicaid and ensure people with disabilities have access to specialized wheelchairs and adaptive equipment.

The Illinois Department of Health and Family Services has implemented multiple unexpected cuts that will seriously affect access to CRT.

These cuts include:

- An unannounced April change in the CRT
  payment methodology

- An across-the-board payment cut of 16.75%
  (effective May 1st)

Without reversal of these major cuts, the drop in access will significantly compromise the health and independence of Illinois Medicaid participants with significant disabilities and increase the cost for medical care and hospitalization.

Numotion will continue to advocate for a reversal of these cuts. We are asking for your help to inform the appropriate officials of the problems this will cause and why you need this equipment to remain mobile and independent.

Here is what you can do to help protect access:

- Email and call your state legislator. You can find detailed instructions with their phone number and email
   information at www.wheelchaircrisis.com.

We have sent additional detailed information to our affected customers, referral sources and payers. 
We ask that you follow the suggested option above to engage today!