What is a battery?
It’s a device that stores electricity as potential energy via a chemical reaction.

How often should I charge my wheelchair, and why is it important?
You should charge your chair as often as possible while avoiding overcharge. This is a complicated subject but can be easily blanketed by “charging all night, every night." For more specific information consult your local Numotion location and “charging card.”

How do I know my charger is working?
Completely read the operating manual before using it to identify the status lights and what they mean. Don’t rely on the hand control/ joystick to tell you if the batteries are charging as they are only looking to confirm that the charger is securely plugged into itself. Always look for the status lights on the charger itself.

What should I do if I’m going to put my power wheelchair into storage?
Batteries are effected by their surroundings; that being said the ideal location to store your power chair would be a temperature controlled room such as an extra bedroom. Before putting the chair into storage you must fully charge the batteries. Depending on the length of time the device will be stored it would be ideal to again fully charge the batteries once a month. This will allow the longest possible life for your stored batteries.

Is it okay to allow my batteries to completely die?
We understand your chair is your freedom but allowing your batteries to completely die is detrimental to the batteries health and could hinder their performance for the entirety of their life. Your power wheelchair batteries don’t develop a “memory” but this outcome could lead to over sulfation and limit the batteries capacity.

Is it safe to fly with my batteries?
Yes, according to the FAA you are allowed to check any nonspillable wet battery such as an AGM or Gel cell battery as long as, “The batteries are protected from damage and short circuit or installed in a device.” Compliant devices, such as your power chair battery box or removable scooter battery box protect the batteries from “short circuiting".

How long will my batteries last each day?
There are a lot of variables that come into play when it comes to daily battery life. The most important variable is load (speed and terrain) the faster you travel the faster your batteries will deplete. This statement is the same when it comes to elevation changes. The steeper the terrain the more load your equipment will encounter. The best advice to improve your daily battery life is travel at moderate speeds when possible.

Can I smoke in my power chair or scooter?
Do not smoke in or near your power chair while charging your batteries. Batteries release fumes that could ignite and create a fire hazard.

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