I decided that I would start from the very beginning by bringing you a new series that will provide insight and information on what it takes to achieve independence after a debilitating disease or injury. I will also write about the trials and tribulations I still experience as a result of my spinal cord injury.

Since sustaining my injury on January 23, 2000, I have always been candid in sharing my story with others through various means, including my very first book “A Moment in Time”. By sharing my experience, I have always hoped it would allow another person to have their questions answered.

There is nothing more confusing than when you are suddenly told that you will no longer walk again, and that you will learn to take care of your body and function from a wheelchair. You can accept the situation, but our bodies are new now and just as you would watch a baby learn, we do the same.

Meena Dhanjal was born in London, England.  She moved to Texas in 1990, and on January 23, 2000, was involved in an accident that left her a paraplegic. In April 2005 Meena published her first book, ‘A Moment In Time', a personal biography. Meena candidly shares stories regarding the struggles and triumphs she faced following her spinal cord injury including, divorce, raising children as a wheelchair user, regaining independence, dating, going back to work and eventually finding love again.

Meena published her second book, a children's story called, ‘Mattie Has Wheels' in 2008.  ‘Mattie Has Wheels' introduces readers to eight-year-old Mattie, a wheelchair user.

Meena currently lives with her husband David, and three children in Houston, TX.

Meena Dhanjal Outlaw, Guest Blogger


Meena Dhanjal Outlaw, Guest Blogger