My name is Chris Rosati. I am a father to two amazing girls, a husband to a beautiful and supportive wife and a friend to more great, quality people than I can count. That's who I am above all else.

I also have ALS.

The dance with this disease has changed the way I live. Long ago I lost the ability to wrap my arms around my children. Only sometimes, if I close my eyes, can I remember what it's like to touch my wife's face. And soon, they'll have to watch old videos to remember what I sounded like, that it wasn't always a soulless computer voice.

But despite all that's changed, I will never lose the ability to show them how much I love them. Because what I cannot do will not change who I am.

I still enjoy making people smile, feel things deeply, still value friendship. I still love the passion and emotion in great music and stories. Still think mean people suck. And I continue to be a dreamer, and will always believe those dreams are possible.

That's why I wanted to steal that doughnut truck ...

Chris Rosati, Guest Blogger


Chris Rosati, Guest Blogger