Ryan_Martin_22-(1).JPGI've been enjoying being back in the United States year round for the first time in several years! I can't remember the last time I've been able to watch the seasons change in New England, spend time with family and friends over the holidays, and just enjoy the comforts of being home.

Despite the fact I'm not in Europe playing for the first time in over a decade, I've been quite busy with RMF projects, consultation on the NCAA project to create more wheelchair basketball programs at various universities, all while starting to play basketball with the New York Rolling Knicks. 

I would like to update folks on the Ryan Martin Foundation. Being home has allowed me to do more speaking engagements including, most recently, at Western Carolina University. Thanks to Dr. David Tyler for the invite to speak to students about "Diversity & Disability." I always appreciate the students’ feedback and questions!

As well as speaking engagements, I've also had the chance to be more hands on with the development of the RMF junior basketball team. We have 38 athletes in total in the program! These athletes come from all over the New England area. I’ve been on record as saying my summer wheelchair basketball camp in CT is my favorite week of the year. I'm just as excited to get to work with the young athletes, now on a weekly basis, as we begin to create what we hope will be quite a successful program. It’s not just about basketball; we are hoping that programs like this assists these individual in their growth as athletes & individuals. 

I’m looking forward to my next keynote speaking engagement in Boston at the Prudential Center. I'm attaching the YouTube link for the interview I did to help publicize the event for NTI, Inc. & their event "31 Nights of Lights."

Ryan Martin, Guest Blogger


Ryan Martin, Guest Blogger