Hello loyal blog readers! I’ve had a busy start to the summer and wanted to get this out before leaving the states to run the Ryan Martin Foundation (RMF) camp in Madrid.

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Project UConn

UConn's Adaptive Sport programs continue to take shape as we are looking to begin programming in the fall, starting with wheelchair basketball. We are excited to see the progress we've made in the short period of time getting the program off the ground. Thanks to RMF board member Mike Willie for his countless hours in organizing the grassroots effort on campus. To learn more about the current status and direction of the program, please check out Lori Riley’s (@lrileysports) article in the Hartford Courant last week:


Kevin's Kourt

Last week RMF also helped launch the second "Kevin's Kort" an inclusive basketball court in South Windsor, Connecticut. Coach Kevin Ollie and the 21st Century Tolland Fund wanted to provide a place where everyone can play basketball. This court serves as a reminder of how sports can bring people from diverse backgrounds together. As affirmed in my speech, "Kevin's Kourt celebrates inclusiveness and the power of sports to unite people with differences. Every athlete has the right to play and compete together despite perceived limitations. That is what Kevin's Kourt is all about. I would love to see 50 of these courts built!" 



SMSU Wheelchair Basketball Camp

A whirlwind week to start summer 2017. The first Ryan Martin Camp was held at Southwest Minnesota State University (SMSU). It’s always a pleasure to go back to campus and see future talent the sport has to offer. Check out the article from camp: https://www.smsu.edu/today/?articleid=4165

Heading off to Madrid for RMF camp with @clubestudiantes and will post another blog from the other side of the pond. Thanks again for your continued support of the blog. As always I look forward to feedback & comments. For questions or comments reach out on IG & Twitter: @Ryanmartin06 or email ryan@ryanmartinfoundation.org 
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Ryan Martin, Guest Blogger


Ryan Martin, Guest Blogger