Hello and welcome back to A Nu You: Maximizing Life with a Disability! Today’s topic is living with passion and purpose. Yes, there is still passion and a purpose to be fulfilled while living with a disability. Sometimes it is the same passion and purpose that you had before you acquired your disability, but sometimes it changes, and that is okay too.

When we are passionate about something, we want to be doing it as frequently as possible. We lose track of time. Sometimes nothing else seems to matter. There are those moments in our lives we don’t want to end. So while I understand that you may have had a passion for doing something physical before you became disabled that is no longer possible, it does not mean that all passion from your life will be extinguished. Even if running along the beach was a passion of yours and now, physically, you are unable to do it, this does not mean your passion needs to end. Sounds like you still enjoy the beach, the sounds and smells of the ocean, so why not still make every effort in going there. While the beach always holds special memories of when I was on my feet growing up, it is still a passion of mine and while challenging, I still make every effort possible, with the help of others, to get to the beach as frequently as possible simply because it is a passion of mine. So be open to old passions continuing to be passions, just done differently.

Also, be open to finding new passions in your life that transcend your disability. While a part of your body may be disabled, your heart still knows no boundaries. Make every effort to find passions in and out of the house. 

As far as your purpose goes, it may still be there even with your disability. If it includes “serving others” as many people's purposes involve, you may still be able to fulfill that no matter what your disability may be. However, be open to finding a NEW purpose as well, one that may be directly tied to your disability or something that does not involve your disability at all! Life does not end when you acquire or are born with a disability, it just changes! This can be something that is directly tied to your work, a volunteer effort or even a hobby. Just know that when you are living your purpose, you are helping and serving others in some capacity.

So here are today’s Nu Challenges for you:
  1. Be on a mission to continue with your passions or find new ones!
  2. Discover passions in and out of the house!
  3. Find or reignite your purpose in life, even with a disability!

If you have any questions or comments regarding today’s topic, please email me at scott.chesney@numotion.com. Until next time, when we will be talking about quality of life vs cure, thanks for playing full out in creating A Nu You.

Scott Chesney


Scott Chesney