"Behind the Chair,” hosted by Kat Magnoli and Doug Longhini, is an engaging online radio show about living life with a mobility disability featuring people with disabilities who are living life possible. Doug and Kat created the show to be humorous and informative for everyone and work to break down stereotypes about people with disabilities. The interviews delve deep into the lives of guests, revealing their interests and talents beyond just their physical differences.  The show airs every Wednesday at 5 p.m. CST on the WEI Network.

I had a blast being a guest on their show in May and the archive just became available. You can listen to the show here .While I have shared my story hundreds of time, we discussed some little known information I don’t reveal in a radio interview. You’ll have to listen to learn more!

Kat was born with spina bifida and has done many great things with her life. She wrote a series of children’s books called, The Adventures of KatGirl, for children who have experienced bullying. She also travels to schools to teach children to be kind to people who are different.  Her next book will be released in a few weeks and you can get a signed copy at the 21st Annual Family Café, June 7-9 at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando, Fla. It is a free event. I will also be there in the Numotion booth and would love to meet you if you have a chance to stop by!

Kat’s co-host is Doug Longhini. Doug is a 46-year-old man living life to the fullest with cerebral palsy. He spends a lot of his time encouraging businesses in his community to improve wheelchair access. He wants to be sure everyone can live their life to the fullest.

Kat and Doug are superb examples of how full and rewarding life can be despite physical limitations. I would love to hear what you think about Behind the Chair. You can send me a note via email or direct message me on one of my social media channels: Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Now go out and live your best Life Possible!

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