If you are seeking a challenging yet rewarding career, and have a passion for improving people’s lives, there is a potential career for you with Numotion.

Assistive Technology Professionals (ATPs) at Numotion are leaders in the industry. Our ATPs get support and flexibility so they can focus on their customers and business. Renee Ridolfi has been a Numotion ATP since March of 2020, when she joined the team to lead the new Buffalo, New York location, “I came from an independent rehab company in the Buffalo area and what drew me to Numotion was the potential for career advancement, the high level of support and education Numotion provides ATPs.” Renee was also excited for her customers to have access to new technologies, “Numotion has partnerships with so many innovative manufacturers, technology that my customers need and deserve.” If you are Interested in becoming an ATP but lack the required certification a professional career path is achievable through Numotion’s ATP development program, which can be completed in as little as 19 weeks.

Seating Technicians play a key role in customer care by delivering and/or adjusting equipment. A background in physical therapy might not seem like the likeliest path to the role of Seating Technician, but Kelsey Arseneau couldn’t be happier with the career change, “I joined Numotion in July of 2022, drawn to this career after listening to ATPs share testimonials of how they are able to help people. Numotion offers training and education through its Seating Tech Program. The program is thorough and provided me with hands-on training and experience at the branch level. I’ve been in the field for a while now and I felt ready to be on my own, especially knowing that I have a great support team behind me every day.” Kelsey’s long-term goal is to enter into Numotion’s ATP development program where she can earn her ATP certification and continue providing Complex Rehab Technology for customers in the Colorado Springs area.

Numotion customers depend on Service Technicians to provide fast, reliable and convenient service. Ricardo Herrera takes his role very seriously and like so many others, was drawn to the industry by his deep desire to help others, “I have always wanted to be in a career where I can make a difference and help others. Everyone at Numotion has been fantastic and supportive providing me the tools I need to do my best for our customers. I feel I have everything I need to be successful while I continue to learn and grow at Numotion.”

From ATPs to Seating and Service Technicians, Numotion is looking for passionate, talented people to fill positions across the country. Come join Renee, Kelsey and Ricardo in making a difference today!
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