At Numotion we are concerned about you and your mobility equipment during these challenging times.

Your level of preparation before a hurricane can determine how well you and your equipment will weather the storm and how quickly you recover from it. Use the following tips to help prevent your wheelchair from suffering unnecessary damage during a hurricane so you stay mobile and independent when you need it most:
  1. Completely charge your power chair before the storm
  2. Keep chargers off the floor and away from areas that may flood
  3. If you have backup equipment or other devices that assist with your mobility, store them in the most useful and dry place in case of emergency
  4. Avoid rain and water if possible on the cushion of manual and power chairs. Keep your cushion as dry as possible as moisture can be bad for it as well as for your skin
  5. For power chair users, placing large zip lock bags (or garbage bags) over the joystick can help minimize water getting into the electrical components
  6. Don’t drive your wheelchair into standing water - even water one inch deep can ruin motors, electronics, and bearings and may result in your chair getting stuck and/or malfunctioning immediately or at a later time
  7. Contact Numotion if we can help with any service and repairs: 800-500-9150

Here are additional resources to keep you prepared:
Numotion Communications


Numotion Communications

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