Numotion's COVID-19 Response: What you Need to Know

Numotion Black & Brown Network

The mission of the Numotion Black & Brown Network is to educate and impact change across the Numotion community through expression of shared experiences and dialogue, while providing support and development of employee members. The network will create an opportunity for Black and Brown employees, as well as all other interested individuals, to congregate on topics of critical interest while also serving as a forum for delivering programs and activities focused on education around racial issues and concerns.

Numotion Employee Consumer Council

The Employee Consumer council has been created to provide insight and feedback from the customer perspective to departments inside Numotion with the goal of improving the Numotion customer experience. The ECC will also use its knowledge to educate the disability community by sharing our experiences as CRT users. The ECC will further Numotion’s mission to be the nation’s model employer by leveraging diversity and fostering inclusion. 

Numotion Women's Network

The mission of the Numotion Women's Network is to empower, develop and mentor all Numotion women. The NWN will create opportunities for the women at Numotion that foster advancement and leadership, creativity, diversity and career development through continual learning opportunities, programs and activities. by creating opportunities through innovation and modeling.