About the Speaker

Sam Logan, PhD

Dr. Logan is an Assistant Professor in Kinesiology at Oregon State University. His research is focused on examining the role of self-directed mobility on the development of language,
cognition, play interactions, and motor behaviors of children with and without disabilities. His
recent research is focused on examining the relationships amongst attitudes towards
disability and mobility, and how these attitudes may influence behavior.

Learning Objectives

1. Discuss recent advances in science, training, and technology related to mobility behaviors
in early childhood.
2. Discuss the barriers to providing access functional pediatric assistive technology devices.
3. Describe solutions that allow children with mobility de! cits to explore their environment
more independently.
4. Complete basic modi! cations to a ride-on toy car that will allow a child with a
mobility-related disability to move about their environment more independently.
5. Complete specific modifications to a ride-on toy car to provide optimal support a child
with a mobility-related disability.


Didactic - Dr. Logan will present recent advances in science, training, and technology that are quickly closing the gaps in providing power mobility to young children. In addition, he will address practical issues and barriers to real world implementation such as incorporating power mobility into schools, homes and communities.

Build session - Participants will work in teams to do basic modi! cation of seating, steering and drive systems to prepare a ride-on car for a child with mobility needs. The goal is to provide participants with evidence and resources that support early powered mobility from a research and clinical perspective. Participants will have opportunities to discuss their own ideas about powered mobility, and get hands on experience in modifying cars. This workshop specifically addresses the call for more information and training on assistive technology. The latest RESNA (Rehabilitation Engineers Society of North America) position paper on pediatric power mobility “... Recommends early utilization of Powered Mobility for the appropriate candidates as medically necessary, to promote psycho-social development, reduce learned helplessness,
and to facilitate social and educational integration and independence.”


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