Andre is a happy, smart, and joyful eight-year-old twin boy that developed hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy with spastic triplegia as a result of a brain bleed at birth. He loves Pete the Cat, slides, swings, and bubbles.

Five years ago, Andre and his family of five moved from Puerto Rico to Tennessee in hopes of finding better medical services and treatments. After their move, Andre was diagnosed with a hip subluxation as a direct result of the spasticity and tightness of his muscles.

After several surgeries and an intensive therapy program, Andre is walking with a walker around school, appointments, at the house and uses a lightweight wheelchair for long distances travel, field trips, or any other activity that exceeds longer periods.

“Some days are more challenging than others and that’s normal. There are days when he doesn’t have the same energy to walk with his walker,” said Glorine, Andre’s mom. “With his wheelchair, he can engage in school activities, move from one place to another, move longer distances, and even participate in field trips.”
Numotion has provided service to Andre since they started his process of recovery in Tennessee.

“My experience working with Numotion has been always great. Our ATP put their heart and commitment in guiding me to the best equipment according to Andre’s needs, even getting different styles and sizes to see how they may fit in my van. They are awesome and am glad that Andre is part of the Numotion family.”
Before the school closures, Glorine ordered an activity chair for Andre because he was having a hard time staying engaged.

“Two weeks after the beginning of quarantine, Numotion called,  and in the middle of a worldwide shutdown, they delivered his new chair safely. This chair has been crucial during this transition and we are so thankful for technology and for how Numotion has been there for us giving the best service and customer experience, even during a non-precedent time like this.”

Andre is still on the path to fully recover and to obtain his main goal to walk independently. But, in the meantime, Glorine said, “We keep learning, growing, sharing and enjoying life and every milestone, no matter how big or simple it can be. We keep sharing our story of encouragement for parents and family members and advocating for the special needs community.”