Chris was originally born in Lincoln, Nebraska but currently resides in Sedgewickville, Missouri. He was injured at 18, in a 25 mph rollover in his truck while teaching his girlfriend how to drive a stick. As a result of the accident, he became a C5/6 incomplete quadriplegic.
Chris became the only licensed quadriplegic performance stage rally racer in the U.S., with his desire to race to come after his injury. Finding enjoyment in physical work and construction, Chris’s hobbies include building and racing my rally car, fishing, kayaking and just building anything I needed it wished to.
As the owner and sole employee of Apple Creek Metal Works; a small metal fabrication sculpture business, Chris relies on his catheters and other medical supplies to arrive when he needs them.
Chris has been working with Numotion Medical Supply since 2015 and describes his experience as essentially flawless. “Numotion has eliminated my worry of ever running out of catheters or any other medical supplies I need. The excellent communication, patience, and understanding of the account managers have been a breath of fresh air,” said Chris. “No customer truly wants to deal with necessary medical equipment or supplies but Numotion has made it comfortable and easy, which allows customers like me to be more honest about what I need. I haven't had any interruptions in my supplies that weren't immediately remedied by your company during the pandemic.”
Chris’s life goal is to defy expectations. “I went to college, learned how to weld, and became a business owner in metal fabrication, mobile welding, and sculpture, doing 99% of all the work myself,” said Chris. “I built and raced a rally car, SCUBA certified, went sky diving, and "started" in a couple of independent films. The true list is lengthy, I defy my expectations daily. The main reason I did all of this was to race cars, a passion that didn't exist before my injury. I simply wanted a quality life. My next chapter in life is all about sharing my story and knowledge to encourage others to pursue their passion regardless of circumstances.”