Donovan is an adventurous two-year-old who loves playing with his five siblings and being outside. He was diagnosed with Spina Bifida myelomeningocele, the most severe form of Spina Bifida, at 20 weeks while still in Utero.
Donovan’s family was looking for ways that would allow him to keep up with his active siblings and the children around him when they discovered a non-profit called Bella’s Bumbas that provided him with a small plastic seat that has wheels on it that helped him learn how to wheel around. As Donovan got older and grew his family began looking into other wheelchair options for him when his mom heard through a Spina Bifida support group about the Ti-Lite Pro for toddlers.
“It was important to us that we found a wheelchair that would grow with Donovan and allow him to be higher off the ground so he can play with peers eye to eye. We wanted his new wheelchair to help him feel more confident and independent,” said Donovan’s mom.

After hearing about Numotion from a friend, Donovan's mom called to inquire about getting a new wheelchair for Donovan. His mom called Danny, Donovan’s
ATP, who came highly recommended by a fellow mother of a child with Spina Bifida. “As soon as I called Danny he helped us start the process to get the wheelchair we wanted for Donovan. He worked with us and gave us the necessary information to make it happen,” said Donovan’s mom.
Since receiving his new wheelchair Donovan’s family can tell a difference in his confidence level and willingness to play with others. “Donovan loves to spin in his chair and roll really fast. We have also noticed him exploring more since he can reach things he couldn’t before. We have definitely seen a change in him and can tell he is happier and more confident,” said Donovan's mom.