Elizabeth was born three years ago and had a difficult start to her life. She was found in a motel room at seven months old in neglected and malnourished condition. Her condition was serious and she was rushed to the hospital for emergency care. The hospital staff treating Elizabeth discovered that she had a rare genetic condition that required constant GJ tube feeding and that she had no head control or trunk control. Elizabeth needs oxygen and suction assistance and has the mental capacity of a 3-5-month-old child. She has yet to learn how to grasp, roll over, hold her head up, crawl or walk.

Elizabeth found a loving home with the Shine family after they fostered her. The Shine family saw the need for foster parents for children with disabilities while mom, Rebecca was working as a Nurse and they decided to adopt Elizabeth into her family.

Elizabeth and her family have been supported by Numotion, who introduced the family to complex rehab technology like custom seating for her wheelchair, activity chair and a device that allows Elizabeth to keep her head in place. Numotion Assistive Technology Professional, Lindsey, has been instrumental in discovering new solutions to some of Elizabeth’s needs.

“I really don’t know where we would be if it weren’t for Lindsey and Numotion,” said Rebecca, Elizabeth’s mom. “Her compassion to make sure that someone like Elizabeth has comfort in their living is remarkable. If it weren’t for her we wouldn’t have the options for Elizabeth to be able to participate in everyday life and she wouldn’t be able to do these things if it weren’t for Lindsey.”

With Elizabeth’s rare genetic condition, it is important for her to have the equipment she needs to be an active participant in life. Rebecca shares the importance of advocating for your child and her appreciation for Lindsey’s advocating for Elizabeth.

“Lindsey’s advocating for Elizabeth has helped us to receive these amazing tools. Because of the custom seating, she is able to in an upright position. Now she has a way to participate in school and for the first time people can put a tray in front of her and she is able to engage,” said Rebecca.