Elliot is a happy three-year-old who loves swinging and being outside. At seven months, she began having seizures and was diagnosed with infantile spasms which caused severe developmental delays. Several months later, Elliot was given the official diagnosis of cerebral palsy. Elliot’s mom, Kelsey, is a huge advocate for early detection in children with Cerebral Palsy. “Elliot was diagnosed at eleven months and because of her early diagnosis we were able to start using all the resources available to get her mobile earlier than most children with CP. It is important for children with CP to have this kind of mobility equipment when they need it most.”

One the resources made available to them was a wheelchair from Numotion. It is very uncommon for someone as young as Elliot to be in a wheelchair since they are usually very small and hard to fit correctly. But Numotion was able to provide Elliot with the perfect wheelchair to suit her needs.

“Since we have gotten her wheelchair her core strength has improved tremendously and she is holding herself up and pushing herself. Her personality has completely changed. She is very comfortable in her wheelchair and it is a part of her now. It is much easier for us to take her out and now she is more social and can do more with her friends. It has been a life changer,” said Kelsey.

Elliot’s parents said that is has been absolute joy working with her clinical team at Numotion. “We love working with our clinical team and Solita, our Customer Care Coordinator has been amazing. She is my first call when I have questions and she is always willing to help!”