Levi is a happy 2-year-old boy with translocation (14,21) Down Syndrome (one of the rarest types). He lives with his mom and dad in Denham Springs, LA right outside of Baton Rouge. He loves anything that involves water, so bath time is super fun at their house. He also really loves to eat! His favorite shows are Puppy Dog Pals and PJ Masks. He is hard of hearing but he can hear when those songs play on the TV. His parents also believe he has an imaginary friend with whom he laughs and babbles ALL DAY LONG. 
As of now, he is unable to sit-up, stand, or walk independently, so he was depending solely on a stroller for his mobility. However, it provided no support at all, he wasn’t able to do anything in his stroller. 
Levi has been a customer of Numotion for right at a year now, and we have provided his activity chair, standing frame, and now wheelchair. Jamie said he loves all of his equipment, “I think it’s because he feels so supported that he can focus on other things like playing and eating rather than having to focus all of his attention and energy on trying to maintain balance.”
“Working with Numotion has been wonderful. Levi’s aunt and godmother is also his ATP, Allie. I may be a little biased about our experience but even so, everyone that we have been in contact with has been great. They kept me informed throughout the whole process, and we have gotten all 3 pieces of equipment very quickly,” said Jamie. 
Jamie, Levi’s mom, said that it has been cool to see what Allie does daily and the kind of work she does on Levi’s equipment. “Since she was a camper at MDA camp, she has dreamed of a job that would allow her to help individuals actively participate in the world around them. It’s so obvious that she loves her job and cares so much about all of her clients,” said Jamie. 
Since receiving his wheelchair, his family has seen him well supported while he sits and that he can extend his arms and reach for toys from his tray. He also has some respiratory issues and being in an upright position for more hours out of the day has helped him tremendously. “We can go on more walks outside which is fun,” said Levi’s mom, Jamie. “We got his wheelchair right as COVID-19 started being talked about in our area, so we haven’t been able to take him on any adventures yet, but as soon as it’s safe for him, we definitely will!”