Paulina is thirteen years old and loves to listen to music and swing outside in her spider swing. She has an infectious laugh and especially enjoys it when one of her five siblings; three sisters, and two brothers play with her. Paulina was born with cerebral palsy and autism in Ukraine but is currently living in Arkansas.

Numotion has been a part of Paulina’s mobility journey for five years. Paulina’s Assistive Technology Professional is Caitlin and Paulina’s mom Ashley describes her Numotion team as being quick to respond, kind, and ready to help.

“The team at Numotion has been so great to work with! Caitlin is always eager to help and figure out what works best for Paulina and our family, and we are very thankful for how she serves us all so well,” said Ashley. “We work with Caitlin to brainstorm the best type of equipment and she walks us through different options, the pros and cons. She comes up with creative solutions and works on a personal level to specifically help Paulina-not just a standard answer to anything.”
Paulina has received a wheelchair, sleep-safe bed, and activity chair. Ashley said that Numotion helped her family navigate their insurance to get a sleep-safe bed and activity chair covered by their insurance which has helped meet a huge need.
“Paulina’s wheelchair and activity chair help her be a part of what everyone else is doing around her. She can wheel up to tables for meals, go for walks outside, and be with the family watching a movie comfortably in the living room,” said Ashley. “Her equipment helps her become stronger and keeps her safe all while allowing her to do things she enjoys.”