Rebecca is 31 years old and lives in Southeast Michigan. She lives with her parents and their many pets. An avid reader and participates in a few book clubs through Facebook. She also works part-time from home for The University of Michigan helping a researcher with recruiting and keeping in touch with study participants.
Rebecca was born with Escobar Syndrome. This is a genetic condition that affects all of her joints and muscles. She can’t straighten out her fingers, elbows, knees, and hips and has severe scoliosis which affects her breathing and wears hearing aids in both ears and has glasses due to being low vision.
However, since receiving her new Quantum Stretto wheelchair she said she has found more independence and mobility with its many features.
“My wheelchair has tilt, recline, iLevel, and elevating leg rest. This allows me to be independent at home when doing really important things like using our Keurig machine or getting a snack from the fridge,” said Rebecca.
Rebecca’s favorite feature is the iLevel. “iLevel is great because I can adjust to reach our kitchen counters, dining room table, my desk, things in my closet, and more. Once I’m able to go out and about again having iLevel will be critical for my independence in the community. Being able to drive while elevated is helpful for me because it will be easier to hear whoever I’m with. It’s also a huge safety thing because I think vehicles will be able to see me more easily when crossing the street. I will feel safer knowing that it will be easier for others to see me while crossing the street and in parking lots.”
Since becoming a customer of Numotion, Rebecca said she felt like she was able to be more involved in the order process and understand where she was in each step of it. She used the myNumotion app to track the overall process from the evaluation to delivery of my wheelchair.

 Untitled-design-(93).png”I worked with 2 ATPs and both have been wonderful! Numotion ATP, Tracey, came up with an idea on how to customize my backrest to accommodate my severe scoliosis. She listened to all of my concerns and ideas on what I wanted or needed in my wheelchair. The other Numotion ATP I worked with is named Tyler and he’s great as well! We bonded by talking about Harry Potter when he delivered my wheelchair. He spent a lot of time with us that day adjusting things to make them as comfortable as possible. I am so thankful for him because he figured out a way to modify a Therafin tray so that I could still use the flip-up feature.”

With the help of her wheelchair and various seating features her pain level has improved, and once it's safe she will be more comfortable while in the community or at work.