Yes! Numotion provides text and email update on the status of both your new equipment order and any service/repair order. However, in order to do this we need your current email address and mobile phone number. If you are not currently receiving text/email updates on orders status and you would like to, please provide this information when you talk with any Numotion representative and make sure to tell them how you wish to be updated on order status. You can also update your messaging and notification preferences on myNumotion.
Numotion also has over 100,000 customers subscribed to myNumotion.  Available on mobile or desktop device, this app provides 24x7x365 self-help access to our customers to view important order and appointment information, connect with Numotion using live chat, register to receive alerts on changes in your order status, and make payments on invoices or co-pays on open orders. Register or login here.