The world of mobility can be complicated. And, if you’re new to a wheelchair, or even a seasoned pro, you’re faced with many unknowns. Did you know Numotion has created written resources that cover a wide variety of topics from practical, daily events like how to tackle laundry and cooking to travel, health, advocacy and more?

Numotion’s Pro Tips and NuDigest offer Numotion customers and medical professionals resources as they navigate the ever-changing landscape of CRT. Authored by experts from Numotion each Pro Tip and NuDigest provides information on everything from better bladder health to documentation needed to get a chair approved through Medicare.

Pro Tips cover topics under these categories:
  • Wheelchair Life
  • Health
  • Travel
  • Parenting

NuDigests cover topics under these categories:
  • Custom Wheelchair Configuration
  • Power Wheelchair Information
  • Living with a Disability
  • Pediatric Complex Rehab Technology
  • Process of Obtaining Custom Wheelchairs
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