If you have experienced delays or communication on issues with Numotion Service and Repair, we understand that is extremely frustrating. Our teams are working hard to meet your needs and provide the level of service you deserve. We recognize those challenges, and we have implemented a few improvements to be responsive as possible in the way Numotion provides service on your mobility equipment.
We are committed to getting better every day and look forward to continuing to earn the privilege to have you as a customer of Numotion. While each of these changes may create short-term adjustments for both you and our teams, we firmly believe that they are the answer to better service for you.
Specifically, we have created a centralized call center to take all incoming service calls. While this means you will no longer speak to your local branch representative when you call in, this approach creates a far larger pool of people to answer your call and address your needs as quickly as possible. However, if you need to reach your local branch representative about an urgent matter, they still have direct extensions and voicemail boxes. To dial a service extension, select the Service option (option 3 in the menu) and you will be prompted to either dial an extension (option 6 in service menu) or select one of our other service menu options. Additionally, the technician who services your chair will continue to be local to you and has all the necessary information about your equipment.
We have made two other changes as well. You may have already experienced our proactive text notifications letting you know when your technician is on the way to complete your repair. You do not need to anything to register for this service, but we can only send this text if we have your mobile number.  If you are not currently receiving text notifications, ask about this next time you call Numotion.  Behind the scenes, we also have invested in driving optimized software to ensure our technicians are able to see as many customers as possible in a day, getting you service faster.
Lastly, we would also like to invite you to read a whitepaper by our CEO that includes commentary from members of our Customer Advisory Board. The paper highlights several industry-wide issues with how service is managed and reimbursed. These issues must be addressed for sustainable improvement that benefits you. While these will not be quick fixes, they are critical to achieving necessary improvement for all our customers. Numotion is working with other committed individuals and groups across the industry to drive necessary change. You can download the whitepaper at www.numotion.com/servicereform.