For your upcoming appointment

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early if possible so that you have time to get checked in and transfer out of the chair before the technician can work on it.
  • ​Chair Policy: For legal and safety reasons, Numotion Employees will NOT be able to service the equipment while you are seated in the chair or assist you with transferring out of the chair.
  • ​Hoyer Lift: We will have a Manual Hoyer lift at the branch that you can use. You will need to bring your own sling and a Caregiver to operate the lift for you.   
  • Inspection Information: Our technician will do a Safety and Performance inspection and once they determine what is needed to fix your chair, they will turn the order in for processing.  We may or may not need to obtain a prescription or insurance approval. 

  • Equipment cannot be stored overnight at the Numotion branch location.

  • If you would like tips on non-emergency medical transportation, please click here. 


  • We will text you... 

    • With your scheduled appointment confirmation time prior to the appointment. 

  • We will contact you by phone…  

    • If we need assistance obtaining a prescription or insurance approval.  

    • If there is any additional assistance needed from you.  

    • When we are ready to order any necessary parts.
    • ​When the parts are received and to schedule the installation appointment. 

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Account Details

  • If there have been any changes to your personal information, insurance or place of residence, please contact us immediately at the local branch or request changes via myNumotion to avoid potential delays.


  • Following your appointment, please take a moment to complete this brief survey at Numotion Listens regarding your Service experience so that we may better serve you and others.