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Seeing the world at eye level isn’t something often experienced by adult manual wheelchair users. The Tek RMD is a robotic mobilization device that offers those in a manual wheelchair the ability to complete everyday activities, including in the workplace and from a standing position. Unlike other standers, users can board and control a Tek RMD unassisted.

The device’s small footprint, 16.5-inches wide by 29.5-inches long, makes it easy to maneuver through the doorways, aisles and cubicles that can often be challenging in manual chairs. The device also has a turning radius of 23.6”, allowing for smooth transition of direction. This combination of footprint and turning radius can also help save on home modifications.

Benefits include:

  • Improved health and endurance at work. Standing five times every week can help improve bone density, bladder and bowel function, digestion, circulation and respiratory function as well as psychological well-being.[1]
  • Lower the cost of home and workplace modifications. The compact size of the Tek RMD makes it easy to navigate and maneuver through narrow spaces, and reduces/eliminates the need for home or work modifications.
  • Ease of use. It’s easy to board, and is done unassisted, providing users with greater independence.

[1]  RESNA - RESNA Position on the Application of Wheelchair Standing Devices – 3/2007

SoftWheel by Numotion


For those who spend the majority of their day in a manual wheelchair, comfort is a top priority. It has an impact on a user’s energy, pain level and overall health and productivity. SoftWheels take the brunt of the shocks and vibrations created by going over something as simple as a change in surface, cord, cracks in the sidewalk or down a curb.

If the wheels aren’t absorbing the bumps, the user is, resulting in daily pain and long-term health implications. Having the right wheels can impact a user’s level of comfort, and improve their workplace and overall wellbeing.

Benefits include:

  • Ability to work a full day. By absorbing the shocks and vibrations felt with traditional wheels, SoftWheels minimize the pain and fatigue endured with daily wheelchair use and  provide the user with the comfort needed to work all day.  
  • Both indoor and outdoor use. Bumps come in all shapes and sizes, including uneven surfaces, doorways and rough terrain outdoors. SoftWheels are versatile and can be used in nearly all applications.
  • Compatible with most ultra lightweight wheelchairs. SoftWheels are versatile enough to be configured with various manual chairs.

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