Numotion has successfully completed 3000+ telehealth remote mobility evals and 1500+ remote deliveries with early adopter clinicians and clients.

As the nation’s leading CRT provider, Numotion quickly moved to increase our telehealth offerings in the early stages of the COVID19 pandemic. The federal government, and many states, have temporarily loosened restrictions for use of remote technology in healthcare.  Numotion has effective, HIPAA compliant remote solutions for evaluations, deliveries and service to serve all your mobility clients. 

  • ​We've instituted a technology based solution that allows our Assistive Technology Professionals (ATP) to conduct remote evaluations in partnership with a therapist with only either the ATP or therapist physically present with the customer. This cannot be done in all circumstances, but we will utilize this approach when possible.
  • We've implemented a pre-appointment screening questionnaire to identify potentially high-risk scenarios.  Appointments will be rescheduled if the customer provides a negative reply to any screening question.

  • We've enhanced all customer interfacing controls and practices including use and disposal of personal protective equipment (PPE) as well as promoting “contactless” interactions. 

If you're interested in learning more about Numotion's HIPAA compliant remote solutions for evaluations, deliveries and service click here to be contacted by a Numotion representative.

New CMS Guidlines for Telehealth

For all those who were previously eligible to bill Medicare, CMS has broadened who can bill for telehealth services. Learn more about new CMS Interim Final Rules and blanket waivers.

Getting Set Up is Simple: Microsoft Teams

Numotion is using Microsoft Teams video conferencing platform for remote evaluations and deliveries. It is a secure and HIPAA compliant application that supports team collaboration through chat, voice and video conferencing.  It can be accessed through mobile IOS and Android devices as well as through desktop/laptop computers with the Chrome web browser.

How Does Microsoft Teams Work?
Follow the steps, and watch the short video below. 

  1. Your Numotion ATP will send you a meeting invite through email with a link to download the Microsoft Teams application.
  2. You will need to follow the simple download instructions and set up a free account using your work email address.
  3. After logging in, both you and your Numotion ATP will have access to open video conferencing functionality, and be able to interact as necessary.
  4. Prior to your first remote evaluation we encourage you to work with your ATP to perform a dry run for initial setup.

Click here to get the document guide on how to join Microsoft Teams.

If you or your IT department have technical questions for enabling Microsoft teams please contact

Remote Evaluations

In support of social distancing practices, and to accommodate restricted physical contact situations, we are enabling remote technology through the Microsoft™ Teams video conferencing platform to enable all of our ATPs to engage with you, and our shared clients remotely.

Guidelines for Remote Evaluations with Numotion:

  • One party (ATP or clinician) must be present, in person, with the client/patient
  • In person ATP follow-up visits will be performed prior to authorization for complex rehab clients when the ATP is the remote party.
  • Documentation must be completed independently.

Billing for Remote Evaluations:

Therapists should refer to their own facilities, organizations, representative bodies and relevant payers to understand appropriateness of these methods, and how/if they should be billed. Therapists remain responsible for their own billing/payment.

Click here to get the Remote Collaboration Solution from Numotion document.

Remote Deliveries/Final Fitting

Numotion understands the importance of including the clinician in many delivery/final fittings.  The remote solution allows the clinician to remotely be part of the mobility device delivery when it is not possible in the clinic.  Delivering the mobility equipment to the home also promotes social distancing and will free up valuable clinic time.

Remote Service / myNumotion app

Numotion strongly encourages all customers utilize our existing Virtual Customer Support toolset:

Remote Service App - utilizes a secure video phone chat to remotely diagnose, and often resolve service issues over the phone
myNumotion App - view real-time updates on order information, request service, live chat with Numotion team members and more

COVID-19 Guidance for Numotion Employees Working in Clinical Settings

Numotion is committed to the health and safety or our employees, as well as your employees and our mutual clients when working in your facilities. Click here to get the document that specifies Numotion's guidelines to deliver on this commitment.

If you're interested in learning more Numotion's HIPAA compliant remote solutions for evaluations, deliveries and service click here to be contacted by a Numotion representative.