Power Scooters

Often called a power-operated vehicle (POV), Scooters can give you the ability get around when you struggle to walk short distances.
There are mobility chairs and scooters for many kinds of need. We offer several options, including: power, maneuverability, assembly and disassembly, folding capabilities, frame materials and colors. Our team goes through every chair detail to make sure it’s right for all your needs.

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Mobility Mobility

Covers More Ground
Using a Scooter allows you to go greater distances at comfortable and safe speeds.

Improves Endurance
When you use a Scooter for mobility assistance, you save energy for other activities.

Health Health

Minimizes Pain
Pain associated with mobility can be reduced when you have a Scooter supporting your journey.

Medical Necessity

To get insurance coverage for Complex Rehab Technology, your insurance provider must determine you have a “medical necessity.” This means you must have a condition that requires the equipment to prevent, diagnose or treat an illness, injury, condition, disease or its symptoms.  

Most insurance providers only provide coverage if you have a significant impairment that limits you to performing daily activities in your home.

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Who needs this technology?

If you have symptoms and a diagnosis that cause fatigue or pain while walking, a Scooter can give you the endurance for more living.


We want to make the process as easy on you as possible. From working with clinicians and insurers, to customizing your equipment so it’s perfect for you, we’re by your side.

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