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The Firefly range of products are inspired by 'special needs family participation'​. That simply means they are practical, fun products that help children with special needs take part in daily family life. Firefly's vision is to create a world where every child with special needs can enjoy a childhood filled with play, participation and possibilities.




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Lifestyle Lifestyle

Participation and Inclusion
All Firefly products create the ability for children to more easily participate in everyday activities.

The range of support seating and transportation products enables all kinds of recreation including trips to the park, the pool, the beach and other activities outside the home.

Clinical Design Clinical Design

Postural Support
Numerous positioning options and adjustments of lateral and head supports allow Firefly products to meet a wide variety of needs.

Pressure Relief
Optional pressure cushions and soft materials distribute a child’s weight evenly, allowing them to play and participate longer.

The ability to adjust harnesses and recline angles means that products can grow with your child.

Functionality Functionality

Lightweight and easy to carry, all products can be used outside the home with ease and convenience.
Firefly products are specifically designed to enable grocery shopping, dining out and even air travel easier for families.
Most products are water- and mildew-resistant and can easily be rinsed, wiped clean or laundered at home.

Medical Necessity


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