Freedom Trax - Freedom Trax for your wheelchair! Get your Freedom - Go anywhere! This product is perfect for those who want to get out and go places that are not typically accessible. Up to 7 miles of exploring on a single charge. Go over beaches, loose gravel, and rough terrain!

Freedom Trax is the only motorized wheelchair track attachment designed to transform a manual wheelchair into an off-road vehicle that can navigate sand, snow, gravel and mud. Its unique design allows for a lightweight, versatile and rugged machine that will still fit in the trunk of a car. Freedom Trax is the cost effective solution for portable and convenient off-road mobility.

This unit is perfect for vacation because it is durable, travels easily and allows a user to stay in custom seating.

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Mobility Mobility

Access on All Terrains
Allows wheelchair users to easily maneuver all terrain and weather conditions including snow, mud, gravel and sand.

Lifestyle Lifestyle

Sports and Recreation
Participate in outdoor activities such as hunting or a walk on the trail at your local park without transferring from your daily manual wheelchair.

Easily access the beach or the back yard with friends and family.

Functionality Functionality

Speed & Range
Average range of more than 5 miles on a single battery charge. Upgraded and additional batteries available.

Next-Gen Joystick
Control in the palm of your hand. Cutting edge joystick that turns on a dime. 

Medical Necessity


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