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About LUCI

LUCI is an accessory for power wheelchairs*, designed to give riders a safer and more inclusive experience. It is an attachable hardware/software product – the first of its kind – which uses cloud and sensor-fusion technologies to provide security, stability, and connectivity for power wheelchairs.

By attaching LUCI to their new or existing power chairs, riders gain long-overdue access to a world – their world – where collisions are avoided and falling off ramps or curbs is prevented.

At this time, LUCI is compatible and ready for installation on Permobil M3, M5, and F3 power chairs.

Life with a Disability is a Team Sport

LUCI helps connect riders and their team. The MyLuci portal (accessible via iOS app, Android App, or the web portal) allows you to view your data and share it selectively with loved ones, clinicians, or other members of your team. LUCI can be configured to alert others of specific events, such as your location if your battery gets dangerously low. And, because LUCI connects your wheelchair to the modern world, you can even ask Alexa and Google Assistant about MyLuci data like battery percentage, charging status, and more.

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Lifestyle Lifestyle

Participation and Inclusion
LUCI is designed to empower wheelchair riders to navigate their daily lives without fear of running into things like walls, furniture, humans, or pets.


Safety Safety

Collision Avoidance:
Smoothly increasing and decreasing the speed of the chair based on the surroundings, in coordination with user steering inputs.

Drop-off Protection:
LUCI avoids tipping by recognizing steps and drop-offs, then smoothly bringing the wheelchair to a stop, if necessary, before they drive over a drop-off that could be unsafe.


Medical Necessity


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