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RibGrip Handrims

Propelling yourself into motion to get around is not easy. While you develop extra strength in your hands, protecting them can be a challenge. RibGrips are a unique handrim option that attach to most standard wheels offering 360 degrees of ergonomic grip, relieving your palms of cramps and calluses, and offering an expanded level of mobility.

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Durable Material
Unique proprietary thermal plastic material that is latex free. Resistant to peeling, separation or tearing as a result of strikes from sharp objects.

Functionality Functionality

Less Pressure Needed
Allows you to apply less grip pressure when you’re slowing and breaking, giving your hands a much needed break.

Easy Installation
Attaches to most standard 24-inch wheels in about 15 minutes. Riv-to-Tab conversion hardware for installation on 25-inch wheels is provided.

Lifestyle Lifestyle

Available in Galactic Black, Hot Pink and Hero Blue.

Medical Necessity


We’re here to help you with any needs you may have. Whether it’s choosing a product that is right for you, working with insurance and medical providers, or keeping your chair in top-notch condition, we will help you every step of the way.

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