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Comfort is a top priority for manual wheelchair users who spend most of their day in their chair. The SoftWheel in-wheel suspension technology reinvents the wheel to increase comfort for the user.
SoftWheel absorbs impact shocks and vibrations, while providing extraordinary rigidity and stability. This helps to minimize the pain and fatigue you endure with daily wheelchair use. It is unlike any other wheel, and the difference can be felt with every turn.

SoftWheel 3.0 Info Sheet
SoftWheel 2.5 Info Sheet

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Form Form

In-Wheel Suspension
Three suspension arms built inside the wheel rim absorb shocks from any direction.

Adaptive Rigidity
Patented technology keeps the wheel’s three suspension arms perfectly rigid and strong, like spokes.

Single Piece Rigid Forms
Built extremely rigid and strong, offering as much stability and speed as the highest-quality regular rims on the market.

Mobility Mobility

Rapid Shock-Reset
Allows the shocks to engage quickly when needed for easier chair control.

Medical Necessity


We’re here to help you with any needs you may have. Whether it’s choosing a product that is right for you, working with insurance and medical providers, or keeping your chair in top-notch condition, we will help you every step of the way.

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