WinSlate 12D Enable Eyes  


The WinSlate 12D with Enable Eyes™ incorporates cutting-edge eye-tracking technology to provide access to all that Windows 10 has to offer, including computer use, and environmental control. The Enable Eyes® module and onscreen control bar let you easily emulate all mouse entries, including left and right click, drag, scroll and zoom, using only your eyes.

Our state-of-the-art eye tracker features superior motion tolerance, making it a great fit for users who may have been unsuccessful with other eye tracking devices. Users enjoy lightning-fast performance on a streamlined platform weighing only 3.4 pounds. As with other devices in the WinSlate™ Series, the WinSlate 12D Enable Eyes incorporates Forbes AAC’s proprietary WinSlate Dashboard™, CoreWord™ language system, FlexABLE® Handle and Stand and SoundPOD™ wearable speaker. Learn More

WinSlate 12D

Untitled-design-2021-04-28T122958-644.pngThe NEW WinSlate 12 with the Adapta multifunctional hub, comes with the patented FlexABLE® Handle and Stand, that requires no fine motor skills to position, and, on the back, a powerful SoundPOD™ wearable speaker that can be worn by the user thanks to a lanyard or even placed in another room next to and spouse, caregiver or parent. It can come with the optional, newly reengineered customizable SnapLock™ Keyguard. It's just three pounds, or 3.4  with optional Enable Eyes eye tracking module. The new WinSlate is ready to use on the table or desk to or an be easily attached to a mount system. Users can utilize alternative access method options like direct access with or without custom keyguards, optical or gyroscopic headmouse, and switch scanning.