telehealth_v2.jpgGetting Set Up is Simple: Microsoft Teams

Numotion is using Microsoft Teams video conferencing platform for remote evaluations and deliveries. It is a secure and HIPAA compliant application that supports team collaboration through chat, voice and video conferencing.  It can be accessed through mobile IOS and Android devices as well as through desktop/laptop computers with the Chrome web browser.

How Does Microsoft Teams Work?

Follow the steps, and watch the short video below. 

  1. Your Numotion ATP will send you a meeting invite through email with a link to download the Microsoft Teams application.
  2. You will need to follow the simple download instructions and set up a free account using your work email address.
  3. After logging in, both you and your Numotion ATP will have access to open video conferencing functionality, and be able to interact as necessary.
  4. Prior to your first telehealth evaluation we encourage you to work with your ATP to perform a dry run for initial setup.

Click here to get the document guide on how to join Microsoft Teams.

If you or your IT department have technical questions for enabling Microsoft teams please contact