Numotion spokesperson and internationally recognized motivational speaker Scott Chesney provides a roadmap to living life with a disability to the fullest. Topics explored include: managing fear, eating healthy, exercise and fitness, making peace with the past, socialization, travel, employment, relationships and dating, parenting, sports and recreation, caring for the caregiver and more. Scott challenges viewers to grow through self-reflection and application of positive changes and choices.


Episode 1: An Introduction to A Nu You​
Episode 2: Making Positive Changes While Leveraging Fear
Episode 3: Making Peace with the Past
Episode 4: Nutrition & Healthy Eating
Episode 5: Exercise & Fitness


Introducing a NU You: Maximizing Life with a Disability
A Nu You: Making Positive Changes While Leveraging Fear
A Nu You: Making Peace with the Past
A Nu You: Nutrition & Healthy Eating
A Nu You: Exercise & Fitness

About Scott

Scott Chesney
Numotion Spokesperson
Internationally Recognized Motivational Speaker
Scott Chesney, a two-time world traveler and a navigator of life with paralysis for over two decades, has presented to over one million people in 38 countries. He is a Numotion spokesperson to inspire employees and customers to fulfill the company’s mission of improving the lives of people with disabilities by enabling them to actively participate in everyday life.

After awakening to paralysis at age 15 from a spinal stroke, Scott has amassed a resume of transformational experiences, powerful insights, and inspiring stories that cut to the core of human spirit. An internationally recognized presenter, Scott and his positive messages have changed countless lives. His insights have been coveted and applauded by Fortune 500 companies, hospitals/rehab centers, sports' teams, The United Nations, The Pentagon, the FBI, colleges and universities, and K-12 schools.

Scott is also a professional Life Coach, combining transformational techniques and strategies he’s learned from his world travels to help people navigate life happily and successfully. As a person who skydives, walks on hot coals on his hands, para-sails, and continues to engage in adventures around the world, Scott prides himself on living life to its fullest and encourages his audiences to do the same.

In addition to a busy speaking and coaching schedule, Scott is President of Raise Hope Foundation, which trains, mentors, and places people with disabilities and veterans in financial services careers. He is also an Ambassador for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, an Ambassador for Kessler Foundation, a member of the Seton Hall University Leadership Advisory Council, a member of the Board of Trustees for The Knowles Foundation and a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA). Scott has a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Seton Hall University. He is married, has two children, and resides in New Jersey.