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Response: What you Need to Know

Amber’s story begins in the summer of 2014 when she and her husband, Bill, started down the path of adopting two boys from Ukraine with Down syndrome. Bill’s son, Will, who is now ten from a previous marriage, has Down syndrome and when Amber met Will she instantly developed an amazing relationship with him. “It was love at first sight for us both and my beautiful, life changing relationship with Will led me to adoption,” said Amber.
Amber and Bill traveled to Ukraine and spent seven weeks there before they were able to take home their sons, Hamilton, now five, and Cadman, four, in July 2014.
The family enjoys spending time together cooking, gardening, being outside and traveling. “Cooking is a great activity that we can do all together and the boys really enjoy it,” said Amber. “Cadman loves to heat up chicken strips and Will is obsessed with vegetables and cooking the vegetables from our garden.”
While Amber and her family faced many challenges on a daily basis raising three boys, things got a lot more complicated at the end of 2016 when Amber was in a serious car accident. She suffered a spinal cord injury at the C1 level and is now a paraplegic.
Amber says parenting her boys has become more of a challenge but she is learning how to work around her mobility challenges. “There are some things now that I just don’t feel safe doing independently,” said Amber. “Like being outside in the yard or at the pool with my kids. I worry what will happen if I can’t get to them quick enough.”
Amber has a manual wheelchair and a TekRMD from Numotion that helps her remain independent and mobile. “I am able to be involved in so many more things than I otherwise would have with my mobility equipment and I am able to independently parent my kids when my husband is at work,” said Amber. “Our seating technician from Numotion, Steve, is my go-to. He comes to the house and is absolutely amazing.”