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Born with spina bifida, Genesis endured 22 surgeries by age 18. When doctors found that her scoliosis would require rods to be placed in her back, they said there was a 10 percent chance she wouldn’t survive the surgery. Her mom, Michelle, made it her mission to find an alternative solution for Genesis. Being a self-taught expert on spina bifida and wheelchairs, she knew that the right posture could make all of the difference in the world.
Michelle contacted Numotion. Within weeks, Genesis was in a new, individually configured seat and seat back that helped improve her health, independence and quality of life. Surgery is no longer necessary, her respiratory system has improved, her bowel and bladder movements are better, and she has gained invaluable confidence.
“Genesis has been in four seating systems in less than two years. Her scoliosis was getting progressively worse. She needed to sit a certain way to avoid breathing issues. Our ATP got Genesis into a custom seat within three weeks. It improved her overall health, relieved pain and boosted her confidence tremendously.”
       -Genesis’ mom
Genesis looks forward to graduating high school and pursuing a degree in criminal justice — the first steps toward becoming an attorney.

Click here to watch a video of Genesis as she receives the ultimate surprise from Numotion friend and "The Climb" songwriter, Jessi Alexander.