We know your mobility and independence are critical to you. For those of you with open orders, please know that we continue to do everything we can in working with our suppliers to ensure timely delivery of your mobility equipment or parts needed for a repair. We may occasionally need to adjust a previously communicated delivery date as component delays continue. Thank you for using Numotion and for your patience as we all work through these highly challenging global supply chain issues. 

Numotion's COVID-19 
Response: What you Need to Know

Greg is a Numotion CRT and Medical Supply customer. On March 30, 2017 he was injured during a family ski trip that resulted in a T9 complete spinal cord injury. The combination of being a triathlete and marathon runner before his accident and traveling for his career fueled Greg’s recovery by a deep sense of getting back at it and finding the equipment and supplies to keep up. 

Life has changed for Greg, but he’s learned to adapt. He still has the same drive and determination to stay active. Turning over his supply needs to his wife, Susan, a Medical Supply Account Manager for Numotion, he is happy that the discreet and very travel-friendly Coloplast Compact Sets are delivered to his door.

“Feeling prepared with the necessary supplies adds peace of mind for Greg to tackle his busy day.  Between parenting three boys, traveling for his software sales job, or working out for his next athletic endeavor, Greg doesn’t want to worry when his next cath order is coming. He is too busy,” said wife, Susan.

Greg made the decision early on that he had to stare down his injury and push himself harder. On the second year anniversary of his accident, he decided to swim from Alcatraz, something he had done in The Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon years prior to his accident. For two years it fueled him to get better by getting in the pool and being disciplined. It was symbolic of him staring down the daily struggles and turning it into a win. Since his accident, Greg has finished two half marathons in a racing chair and he is currently training for the Columbus full marathon this October. 

His mindset and commitment to staying active is an inspiration, and his ability to make it all happen is made easier with Numotion’s CRT and supplies that he can count on to keep him ready to go.